All About Accountability

Without a doubt, the biggest predictor of successful body recomposition is the ability to stay on track, not lack of knowledge.

Frankly, today’s typical North American knows more about the science of healthy eating and exercise and lifestyle than we  have at any point in history.

Unfortunately, all that knowledge isn’t doing us much good.

Although we can all commit to “eating clean” for a day or two or starting back into an exercise routine for a couple of weeks, the trouble is that we quickly fall out of healthy routines when our lives get hectic.

Often we fall prey to labeling ourselves as “lazy”, “weak-willed” or “lacking willpower” whenever we fall off the wagon… but nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of of the matter is that all these terms are really just suggestive of poor planning than anything else.

If we plan to surround ourselves with healthy foods, plan to make exercise a priority (by doing it as soon as we get up, hiring a personal trainer, or blocking it off in your calendar), or plan to hang out with other healthy people, there are lots of changes we can make to help propel ourselves to success.

So for today’s lesson we wanted to launch our first dietary goal:

  • Module 1 goal: ingest 250-500 ml of water before meals

We also want to highlight one of our keys success: daily logging.

By committing to carving out 30 seconds each day to report on how you did the day previous, you’ll be proving to yourself that you do have the power to build simple habits.

And it’s the accumulation of a lot of this small “simple” habits that winds up leading into massive results!