Breaking the Addiction

In today’s lesson, we want to bring your attention to some of sugar’s impact on our neurochemistry.

Sugar, in its natural form and in small doses, is well tolerated and even important to our health and performance.

However, the sugar concentration found in many packaged foods is not so benign.

Today, we want to direct your attention to a short video on the impact junk food has on our brain: Junk Food May Be As Addictive as Drugs

As you’ll see, the worst foods we can choose are things like donuts, that combine both high-sugar (for it’s addictive properties) and high-fat (with the associated calories).


We like to give our clients a bit of simple advice: if there’s any food in your fridge or pantry and leaves you thinking “once I start eating it, I just can’t stop”, that’s a strong indication that you should never bring that food into your house. Period.

Tempting yourself with food that holds this kind of power of you is a surefire recipe for diet failure, so do yourself a favor and keep it out of sight and out of mind!