Bulletproof Broccoli

Yesterday, we circulated a video that attempted to rank the top-10 vegetables. We asked you whether you agreed/disagreed and the prevailing sentiment was that there were minor disagreements, but by and large those were a respectable top 10.

Today, we’d like to shine the spotlight on what might be the single “healthiest” vegetable (if your sole focus is nutrient quality): broccoli.


Broccoli is an absolute powerhouse of a vegetable.

In only 1 cup, you get:

  • 245% of your daily requirements of vitamin K
  • 135% of your daily requirement of vitamin C
  • 40% of your daily folate
  • as well as a host of anti-cancer compounds

We could go on and on, but we think we get the idea: eating more broccoli is a great idea.

Of course, it’s one thing to appreciate how awesome broccoli, it’s another thing to find ways to get more broccoli into our diet. One suggestion we have for everyone: get your broccoli from Costo.

Costco carries a giant bag (16 servings worth) of pre-cut, pre-washed broccoli for less than $6. Think about that, you can benefit from one of the healthiest vegetables around and have nothing to do in terms of getting it ready for consumption!

That’s the kind of time-saving, effective solution we are all about.

So we suggest you grab a bag the next time you are at Costco. Once you do, why not try our healthy cream of broccoli soup recipe? Not only do you get a hearty serving of broccoli, it’s got garlic (which ranked #1 on the top 10), and some coconut milk, which we’ll learn in future lessons is a vastly underrated fat when it comes to boosting our health.