Establishing Our Baseline

A big belief of ours, is that dieting often fails because it ends up becoming a case of “too much, too soon”.

“Here is a perfect meal plan… now go follow it”

Sound familiar?

Now don’t you think that if following a perfect meal plan was so simple, you might already eating in that manner?

Needless to say, this program is built around a different approach to helping individuals build a better diet.

Although we have included a couple of meal plan templates in the resources section to give you an idea of what a 1600 kcal diet looks like (generally a good place to start for females wanting to lose weight), as well as a 2000 kcal meal plan template (good for males going after weight loss), we don’t expect you to rigidly follow them.

Our approach is geared more towards helping you find what foods and recipes work for you (from an enjoyment and moving you towards your goals perspective), then we can customize portion sizes later if necessary.

To that end, we’ve included a selection of our favourite fat loss recipes in the resources section. Over time, we’ll be walking you through a few of the more important recipes, but for now simply download the guide and start going through it.

As you’ll come to appreciate, this program is built around the belief that long-term success stems from reinforcing nutrition-based habits, as opposed to asking you to rigidly calorie-count or follow a meal plan for the next 12 weeks.

That being said, it’s always useful to get a baseline of how you are eating now, so we can reflect back in the future to see where you’ve been able to make changes.

For the next 3 days, please track everything you eat and drink. We’ll be asking you to submit this information to us later this week and we’ll give it a look over to see what kind of nutritional red flags might be present.

To give you an idea of how you should be documenting your food record, please review the document below to get a sense of how we’d like this information collected.

So please get started tracking your current nutrition, and don’t forget to update us on how you did with your water goal yesterday!