Failure Is Expected

One of the biggest problems we make when attempting to clean up our diet or exercise habits is expecting perfection right away.

The reality is: if perfect diet and exercise habits were easy, we’d all be walking around in great shape.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving weekend and all the glorious opportunities to stray from our healthy eating habits, try to remember the following:

  1. Failure happens. When it does, don’t beat yourself up about it, just resolve to be stronger in the futre.
  2. One high calorie meal is not going to undo many weeks of good eating.
  3. However, an entire 3-day eating binge certainly will set you back.

With that in mind, permit yourself to enjoy a meal with friends and family this weekend. And if you find yourself going a bit overboard, that’s ok. We know how tough clean eating can be at times like this.

If you do slip up – just let us know in your weekly recap so we can start to troubleshoot solutions for avoiding doing so in the future.