Low Carb Muffins

One of the big challenges with overhauling our diet habits in North America is that so many of our social interactions are centered around food.

Lunch meetings… let’s meet for coffee… dinner and a movie… the list goes on and on.

Moving towards controlling our starchy carbs can be particularly tricky for the office worker. One of the drawbacks of working in an office is the office lunchroom, a frequent area where muffins, donuts and other pastries make an appearance.

Woman choose between cake and apple

Faced with the prospect of having to routinely say no to baked goods, is it any surprise when people find themselves giving in?

Well you are in luck, because we have quite the solution for those of you seeking a solution for the mid-afternoon carb craving: the low-carb banana bread muffin.

Make with almond flour instead of regular flour, these muffins aren’t low calorie by any stretch but they pack a high protein, high fiber punch… making them an excellent snack to keep your blood sugar stable at any time of day.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!