Protein by Convenience

All week, we’ve been working towards ensuring all of our meals contain protein. For some of this, this hasn’t been too big of a challenge whereas for others, it’s been a significant struggle.

One of the biggest roadblocks to improving our diets is: a lack of time to prepare wholesome, physique-transforming foods.


Most of us have no problem eating nutritious foods if they are placed in front of us, but when we are pinched for time, it’s just easier to reach for something pre-packaged than it is to sit down and whip up something from scratch.

In order to overcome this habit, we are going to need to develop some new strategies. We already have introduced you to one strategy to help overcome this challenge: the Sunday Ritual.

Today, we want to discuss another option: commercial protein bars. Having a convenient (and generally tasty) form of protein that can be left in your desk or car without spoiling is one of the best ways to avoid reaching for a sugary treat when a hunger attack hits.

To explain when and why we recommend commercial protein bars, take a look at an article I penned several years ago on the topic:

Moving Your Diet Forward

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to walk you through several of our favourite bars, and which ones you are better off avoiding entirely.