The Power of Incremental Change

After reviewing the 30-day diet logs, it was clear that everyone has made huge strides in improving the overall quality of their diet to this point. There are still some tiny things to clean up but overall much improved!

As we move into month #2, we thought this quote perfectly captured the type of winning mindset that is going to allow each of you to continue making the kinds of changes that lead to long-term success.


Recall that early in the course, we told you that the key for on-going success was aiming for 90% adherence. Long-term change (in both our physique and habits) takes time, with plenty of challenges mixed in among the good days.

Expecting perfection from day 1 in changing our habits and behavioursĀ is a surefire ticket to frustration. Too many of us wind up being frustrated the instant we struggle implementing a new habit, and say “to hell with this” and completely fall off the wagon.

So allow yourself the occasional failure, learn from it and discover how you can avoid making that mistake in the future. Now pat yourselves on the back, reflect on how well you are doing and remind yourself there’s still plenty of work to go!