Your Fav 5

Healthy eating should be pretty simple.

Not too many of us would argue that eating a candy bar is a healthier choice than eating an apple.

Unfortunately, when life gets stressful and we are pressed for time, it’s so easy to fall back into the habit of making poor dietary choices.


It’s funny, we have loads of nutrition knowledge, and yet the more science discovers about nutrition the more confusing it becomes for many of us.

That’s why we are strong advocates of starting small and simplifying our meal choices initial.

In fact, it can be as basic as identify 4-5 meals that you love.

How can you tell it’s a meal you love?

Ask yourself if you could eat this meal every day for the rest of your life! (Don’t worry, we aren’t actually recommending you do so).

But having 4-5 meals accomplishes a few things.

#1. It helps us simplify our diet selection. And for busy/stressed people, the less we have to “think” about what to eat, the easier it is to stay on track.

#2. It makes grocery shopping and meal prep a breeze. Opting for similar meals that you know how to prepare without thinking dramatically cuts down on how long you will spend mulling over what to prepare.

#3. Having a base of 4-5 go-to power meals makes it less likely we’ll fall off the wagon in the long-run. Don’t get us wrong, there will be times you deviate from your meal plan, and that’s ok! But knowing you have a pattern of eating that formerly helped you get and stay lean is a powerful piece of knowledge to wield as you go forward.

So today’s extra credit assignment is as follows: try making the protein pancakes (p 53 in the Leanness Recipe guide) and let us know in the comment box what you think.

Although our goal is finding 5 go-to meals, let’s start first by identifying our favourite breakfast.

Historically, we’ve had many clients tell us that protein pancakes are something they could eat nearly every morning of the week so we think you might be similarly inclined! 😉