Simplifying Carb Consumption


Yesterday, we introduced the idea of trying to build an eating pattern around the idea of consuming the majority of your starchy or sugary carbohydrates in periods after moderate-to-intense physical activity.

Although opinions on the importance of nutrient timing have swung dramatically in the past 2-3 years, which we’ll review in a few lessons time, from a general weight loss perspective, aiming to keep your big starch meals for workout days is a good coaching cue.

In essence, on days when we are largely being sedentary, our meals should largely contain:

  • protein: 1 palm sized serving (women), 2 palm sized servings (men)
  • vegetables: enough vegetables to fill both two hands
  • fat: possibly a thumb sized serving of fat (if our protein is a lean choice)

If we repeat that eating pattern over 3-5 meals, we are probably going to be in a pretty good spot nutrient wise.

Then on days we are training, we’d add:

  • starchy or fruit carbohydrate: 1 fist sized serving of serving (women), 2 fist sized servings (men)

Although we can add this energy at any point during the day, it does slot in well right after a workout. If you train early in the day, you could look to adding this additional energy to breakfast; whereas for the evening workout crowd, these additional carbs can easily be added to dinner.